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Happy New Year to All! I am beginning my new Bachelor's Degree Program, so it may cut from my music time. Hopefully I will not be too busy to keep this page updated.

Andrew Cole Coffey

Andrew is a singer/songwriter/musician in Nashville, TN. He plays around town at Writer's nights and occasionally backing local artists.

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Happy New Year!

May 2013 bring you Peace, Joy, and Love!


Andy started singing at a young age. The family used to gather around the old baby grand and sing all kinds of songs together, often with his dad, Jim, at the keys playing songs by ear, or by heart. Growing up, Andy played drums, piano, trumpet, bassoon, and several other instruments throughout high school.

Eventually moving to Chicago, he joined the 80's post-punk band, the Watchmen. They recorded several songs, mostly written by Paul Santori, and put out an double release on vinyl with Permabuzz in 1988. Shortly after, teaming up with some friends, he picked up a guitar and formed the Southern Rock group Rodeo Riot in 1989. They recorded a 4 song demo that was well received around town. This is when he decided that writing Country and Southern Rock was where his heart felt at home.

On a vacation to Nashville, he attended the 1992 CMA awards and fell in love with the Nashville music scene. Packing his few possessions and leaving his life of rock behind, he came to live out his Nashville Dream.